Dental Crowns and Bridges in New York

Crowns and bridges are common dental procedures we conduct at our dental clinic. Damaged or missing teeth can bring about both functional and cosmetic concerns. You must have these issues resolved by a dentist who does these kinds of dental work, as bridges are necessary when you lose teeth.

Dental bridges and crowns near you keep the other teeth well-spaced and aligned properly. It provides you with new teeth that you can use for chewing and biting. The new teeth that Dr. Graffeo provides are constructed to match the natural teeth and fused on a metal bar. We place crowns on the healthy teeth on the sides of the gap, and then the bridge is fitted. Bridges also help to distribute the bite and chewing forces properly while also helping maintain your facial shape.

Receiving a Dental Bridge and Crowns

Getting dental bridges and dental crowns in NYC first includes preparing the abutment teeth. These are the teeth where the crowns are attached and found on the gap’s sides. The preparation entails recontouring the teeth by removing a part of the enamel. This creates more room to allow the crowns to fit properly. Our dentist gets teeth impressions that we use as a model for making the bridge, artificial teeth or pontics, and dental crowns in New York.

We provide a provisional bridge that you put on to cover the exposed teeth and gums as the final dental bridgework is being fabricated. On the second visit, you have the provisional bridge removed and your new one placed.

Adjustments are done if needed for proper fit. It may require several visits to have the bridge checked to see that it has settled and fitted properly. After ascertaining that it fits properly, we bond it with special dentistry cement.

How Long Will the Bridge Last?

Your dental bridges in New York should last 5 to 15 years or longer, but you must adhere to correct oral hygiene with regular checkups. If you do so, you can have the bridge last over ten years on average.

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