Dental Cleaning And Examinations in New York, NY


Exams and cleanings are essential components of preventive care as they provide an opportunity to detect and treat problems early. Even those who diligently brush and floss need regular exams and cleanings to keep infection at bay.

Are You Overdue for an Exam?

If you’re due for a dental exam at Glen J. Graffeo DDS, please contact our skilled dentist near you today. The toothbrush cannot reach hard-to-access parts of the oral cavity, like the back surfaces of the teeth and rear areas.

Patients can benefit in several ways from six-monthly exams and cleanings in New York, NY:

  • They pave the way for timely detection of problems during the early stages when they’re easy to treat
  • Reliable exams and cleanings prevent the need for costly emergency treatments

What to Expect during Exams?

Our experienced dentist in New York, NY will perform the following procedures during a dental exam:

Visual Checkup
The dentist will use a small handheld mirror to check for signs of decay, damage, or cavities. We will gently probe tooth surfaces to identify soft spots that may indicate decay. Early-stage decay can be reversed with an in-office fluoride treatment.

Diagnostic X-rays
We use the most modern imaging technology to capture images of the interiors of your teeth and gums. Diagnostic x-rays help detect hidden abscesses, impacted teeth, and decay below the gum line.

Oral Cancer Screening
Dr. Graffeo will examine your lips, gums, tongue, back of the throat, palate, and inside of the cheeks for lesions, raised patches of tissue, abnormal masses, and discoloration. As with all cancers, early oral cancer detection dramatically increases the chances of recovery.

Screening for Gum Disease
Gum disease can remain undetected for many weeks or even months before it starts showing up as symptoms. Signs include redness, swelling, bleeding, and gums that peel away from tooth roots. Untreated, periodontal disease can lead to permanent tooth loss and increase the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Professional cleanings eliminate plaque and tartar, reduce the risk of cavities, and leave you with a brighter smile. Please contact Glen J. Graffeo DDS for reliable exams and cleanings near you.


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