Dental Procedures In New York, NY

Our Dental Procedures

A dentist may recommend a dental procedure after you develop an infection, pain, oral disease, injury, or other problems affecting the gums, teeth, and jawbone. Today’s dental procedures are provided in such a way that you remain comfortable and recover as fast as possible. Dental technology has made diagnoses to be done fast and the recovery times to be shortened. Again, sedation dentistry today helps patients stay calm while receiving their dental procedures. At our dental clinic, Dr. Graffeo and the team offer numerous dental procedures in New York.

  • Teeth Cleanings – Cleaning teeth and gums are by large the most common reason patients come to visit our dentist for treatment and dental procedures In New York, NY. We recommend that you receive teeth cleanings every six months. It is crucial for your oral health because it gets rid of the tartar and biofilm that you miss with your daily flossing and brushing. In addition to teeth cleaning, we conduct exams in order to spot any issues that are present in your mouth like gum infection and decay.
  • Extractions – Although they may sound scary and painful, tooth extractions are today almost painless. The only discomfort you might have is after the anesthesia wears off, but you can calm it down with medications we prescribe you. Our dentist in NY does simple extractions, but if you have impacted teeth or difficult-positioned teeth under the gums, we may suggest you see an oral surgeon.
  • Fillings – We apply fillings when you have cavitated teeth. Acids in foods and drinks can break down the enamel, causing cavities. Fillings are a quick procedure and you will most likely be number. So you won’t feel pain.
  • Crowns – When you have a cavity that is a little big for a dental filling to resolve or when the top area of the tooth gets decayed, a crown can be the solution. Our dentist molds the tooth before an impression is obtained to help fabricate the crown.
  • Bonding – We can repair chipped and damaged teeth with dental bonding. The procedure involves applying a resin that has been tinted to color-match your teeth’s natural shade. Bonding is less invasive when compared to other methods, particularly when you want to resolve smaller imperfections.

Other procedures we perform include scaling and planing, teeth whitening, veneers, root canals, and many others. Once you visit us, we will discuss your dental treatment in New York.


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