Partial and Full Dentures in New York, NY



Are dislodged or missing teeth making you feel bad about your smile? Don’t let an unattractive smile lower your self-confidence; please contact our reliable dentist near you for the latest dental restoration options.

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What Are Partial and Full Dentures?

The choice between partial and full dentures in New York, NY will depend on the number of teeth to replace. Partials are ideal for replacing one tooth or missing teeth that are spread out in the oral cavity. Dr. Graffeo will take precise measurements for full dentures if you need many teeth to be replaced.

We may need to extract one or two teeth to make room for a full set denture. Our dentist provides traditional as well as implant-supported partial and full dentures near you.

Benefits of Partial and Full Dentures

Hundreds of patients at Glen J. Graffeo DDS prefer wearing partial or full dentures. Here’s a closer look at essential benefits:

  • They are cost-effective and more affordable compared to bridges or implants.
  • Partial and dentures can be inserted and removed easily.
  • It’s easy to maintain them with regular cleaning.
  • They help complete your smile and improve chewing and speaking ability.

While partials and dentures offer several advantages, there are a few downsides too. For example, they may feel bulky for a few weeks until your tongue and cheek muscles get used to them. If they are ill-fitting, they may come loose or wobble when you speak or bite down on food.

How Are Partials and Dentures Held in Place?

Dr. Graffeo anchors partials onto adjacent teeth either by using metal clasps or more aesthetic precision attachments. Precision partials eliminate the use of unattractive metal clasps and can be attached to crowns or implants. The patient is able to chew with more confidence as the partial does not lift off the gums.

Full set dentures are held firmly in place with a special dental adhesive or suction. Please contact our highly trained dentist in New York, NY for an appointment.


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