Restorative Dentistry in New York

At our dental clinic, we provide a full range of restorative dentistry procedures to patients to help them re-establish function and enhance the health and aesthetics of their smile. We have the latest techniques in restorative dentistry to ensure comprehensive, gentle, and compassionate treatment. Dr. Graffeo is ready to address your dental problems and ensure your oral health is reinstated.

Our Restorative Dental Procedures

You can benefit from a wide collection of restorative dental procedures, whether missing, broken, worn down, mishappen, or discolored teeth. We also take time to comprehensively evaluate your oral health and function before performing any restorative procedure. Our restorative dentist offers these treatments:

Fillings – We can fix a hole or cavity with white resin filling material. We use fillings when cavities attack the outer layer of teeth, referred to as the enamel. You can encounter pain, tooth infection, or loss without treating decay and cavities. We remove the decay before filling the tooth.

Crowns – Our restorative dentistry in New York also entails the placement of crowns. A crown is an option when a dental filling material cannot repair a damaged tooth. The crown seals the tooth, keeping it from breaking. The material we use for crowns is color-matched with the old tooth to blend seamlessly. If it wears out or becomes loose, we can replace it or recement it again.

Bridges – Our dental restorations in New York also feature dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Bridges consist of the replacement tooth and a dental crown mounted on each side. The three parts of the bridgework are fused, ensuring that the crowns support your tooth that is suspended in between over the gap.

Dentures – Another option we have for missing teeth is dentures. These restorations comprise replacement teeth secured with wires attached to the existing teeth. We have removable and fixed dentures that we offer in our dental clinic.

Dental Implants – We place dental implants when you have missing teeth. The implants are screws anchored in the jawbone for enhanced stability and form. A dental implant is ideal when you want a lasting solution to your teeth replacement needs.

Visit us today for dental restorations in New York, NY, if you have fractured, chipped, discolored, damaged, or missing teeth.


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