Root Canal Therapy in New York, NY

Glen J. Graffeo DDS offers a comprehensive range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental solutions for the entire family. Teeth are vulnerable to decay or damage at any age, and thanks to advanced dentistry, these problems can be rectified and treated.

Root canal treatment is recommended for teeth that are extensively decayed or causing pain and discomfort. Our reliable dentist near you will drill away infected tooth structure, clean the canal, and re-seal it against further damage.

Infected Teeth Should Be Treated Early

The pulp chamber in the tooth contains nerves and blood vessels that become inflamed due to repeated treatments, cracks, or trauma. An infected root canal often results in severe pain, heightened sensitivity, and discomfort and can disrupt your daily life. Persistent, unrelenting tooth pain can leave us feeling miserable.

If left untreated, the problem may transform into a dental emergency that requires an urgent visit to Dr. Graffeo. The bacterial infection may also spread to the gums and cause periodontal disease. Regular exams can help identify teeth that may require root canal therapy in New York, NY.

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Please book an appointment with Glen J. Graffeo DDS if you experience any of the following:

  • Sudden, sharp twinges of pain when you bite down on the tooth
  • Darkening or discoloration of the tooth (decay can make a tooth appear dark or black)
  • The tooth feels sensitive even after consuming hot or cold foods
  • Tenderness, swelling, or soreness in the gums near the tooth

Dr. Graffeo will assess the tooth for hidden cracks, fractures, or infection. We use diagnostic x-rays and imaging to gain more information about the problem.

Post-Procedure Tips

Root canal therapy near you is a pain-free and safe procedure, almost as simple as getting a filling. Our trained dentist in New York, NY numbs the site before the procedure, and you will feel zero pain during treatment. We will also prescribe pain-killers or analgesics to control soreness. You can expect to resume work in just a day or two.

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